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6 Networking Tips to Boost Your Entrepreneurship Journey

July 14, 2022by admin0

Don’t you wish to have a big network as an entrepreneur?

Yes, you do and you also know how important it is to create and be a part of this network.

After all, at the end of the day you don’t want to feel like it’s not enough, right?

Alok Koshti, one of the leading entrepreneurs in India brings you handpicked networking tips.

These tips have been formulated by him with trial and error.

And he is willing to share it so that you are a step ahead of your problems.

Because, you know, time is an important element in your entrepreneurship journey.

And these tips by Alok Koshti will save you that time and provide an insight into your journey.

Alok Koshti believes this will ultimately help all the entrepreneurs create a good network.

Where there is healthy competition as well as harmony.

So, let’s have a look at the 6 Networking Tips to Boost Your Entrepreneurship Journey by Alok Koshti.


  • Explore learning opportunities

As a human being, you are always consuming pieces of information from here and there.

But what are you learning out of it?

Being an entrepreneur, you should always be enthusiastic about learning.

Even while observing things, while you are sitting and working in a cafe.

Learning from things around you brings practicality to your nature.

Alok Koshti says, “The more you learn from your environment, the more you adapt to it”.

He also believes that Lifelong learning can be an element of your career advancement strategy in addition to being for self-improvement.

Finding educational opportunities may help you meet people who have similar interests to yours.

These could turn into long-lasting professional connections that open doors to new opportunities or inspire fresh perspectives.

This will open the door to a whole community of people who have similar interests to you and a similar desire to advance.

Even the points we mention after this are learning opportunities.


  • Build and optimise your online presence

How do you view social media?

Is it just mindless scrolling, or are you getting something from it?

Well, social media can be used as a great tool for professional networking.

Being an entrepreneur, we believe that you know that quite well, as this era is advancing in a great direction.

Take an example of Metaverse, who thought that could be real.

It is the real deal, and imagine having professional networks on it would unlock great potential for everyone.

But in the present, let’s stick to what we can do, and do the best with it.

For instance,

Join an entrepreneurial Facebook community.

To facilitate in-person networking possibilities, you may select one with local entrepreneurs or perhaps a global one with company leaders in the same sector.

Join LinkedIn groups related to your interests, or participate in Twitter conversations with other business professionals.

All of these platforms bring different types of crowds, opening a world of possibilities for you.

Alok Koshti believes that if you have a strong online presence, you don’t need to find the network, it will come to you!

Exciting, right?


  • Have a strong elevator pitch

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone?

How you do that can create a long-lasting impression on someone!

Which can ultimately give you the confidence to talk to the big guys of the industry and create a good impression on them.

What is an elevator pitch?

A concept is presented in an elevator pitch, which is a brief and direct speech that resembles a sales pitch.

Its name is derived from the idea of making an idea pitch in the span of one elevator ride.

You may effectively advertise yourself or your goods by developing an excellent, comprehensive, and inspiring pitch.

You may present yourself as a self-assured professional and leave a lasting impression on all of your business acquaintances by having a compelling elevator pitch.

Alok Koshti believes this is the first step to work on as an entrepreneur.

Because how you advertise yourself as an individual reflects your character and gives you a strong step to stand on.

And this also enhances other points that are mentioned here.


  • Attend Events

This is one of the easiest ways to network, given that you have the confidence, communication and a perfect elevator pitch.

There are a large number of groups and organisations for persons in most professions,

It’s simple to network with people in your industry by going to these organisations’ meetings and conferences.

Numerous of these groups have both sizable local and national conferences.

You will have the chance to interact with folks from all over the nation.

But remember., local conferences should be your first priority.

These conferences help you meet like-minded people and creating a strong network with the same mindset is quite simple.

Plus, you get to know different kinds of mindsets which help you know the real world, in your particular market.

Meeting and interacting with people is the best way out there, it even teaches you the skill of presenting, grooming and communicating yourself.

And once you perfect that, your personality is unbeatable, which attracts people to network with you.


  • Collaborations

What do you do when you find it hard to survive in the market?

Do you give in to the competition, or do you find a way to work it out?

Struggling with your competitors is normal, but that doesn’t mean you lose hope.

Rather, you can collaborate with them. This opens your market and expands it to a greater level.

As you can tap into the market of your collaborators, it brings you a great deal of experience and a healthy network as well.

There are various collaborations you can do to expand the network.

For Example, Influencers.

Their network is already set up. You can collaborate with them and attract an audience to set up relations with.

This idea can take you a step ahead of competition and make a strong foundation for your future.


  • Serve the community

Leading business people succeed not just because they are experts in their fields but also because they are well regarded and well-known in their communities.

Regularly lending a hand to society might help you gain respect and trust in your community.

And this is not just for the sake of it.

Alok Koshti believes, “If you make things around you better, you will be better.”

So do you want to be better? Better than everyone else?

Well, connect with your community, serve them and gain their trust.

This promotes your brand awareness and helps you add value to your ideas or business.

For Example,

You may sponsor a neighbourhood sports team, providing them with uniforms and other necessities,

Or you could routinely organise charitable days for your staff, where they volunteer at a nearby nonprofit.

Serving the community allows you to interact with the individuals you are assisting and makes your brand visible.




These six points serve as a pillar to grow your network and help you make a strong route to operate your business.

It might seem like a big commitment at the start but it provides benefits that are equally, sometimes more worth it.

Using word-of-mouth advertising, you may network with other business owners, view your company from a fresh perspective, come up with fresh ideas, and market your firm.

You can engage with your community and learn about new advancements in your sector by expanding your network.

That is how Alok Koshti did it too, and today you are here reading the blog on his website!

Some people might think it’s a waste of time, but he believes if used properly, this straightforward marketing tactic is helpful and effective.

And if you feel like you are lacking somewhere, work on these points and give your best.

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