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Tips & Tricks on building a strong team by Alok Koshti

March 19, 2022by admin0

We all heard every time about team building when it comes to building a strong business. Also anyone who is in charge of a team has probably heard the phrase, “team building”. It has become popular in the business world. Team building is really important and one of the most essential steps when we talk about the growth of the business. It can help your team work better together and improve the overall function of your company.

At this time, we all heard about startups and new businesses being launched across the world, but at the same time the unfortunate truth is that most of them will fail. Why is it that some businesses thrive and grow while most vanish  within a few years?

It includes many factors like lack access to capital, understanding one’s marketplace, an ability to innovate, and—not to be underestimated—some good old fashioned luck. But there is one factor that nearly all business owners can control that may directly determine long term business success: hiring and working with the right people, and coalescing them into a successful and powerful team.

Now let’s get into the things like why a proper team is important?

What Is The Purpose Of A Team?

Behind any successful business there is a great team. This formula applies to startups as much as it does to international or any successful business. A team can perform many tasks which grow, scale, and thrive in a way that would be literally impossible for one person to do.

A successful team starts with hiring the right people—those who have passion to work hard and value working toward a common goal, are goal-oriented, and respect the structure that most businesses require.

Once the right people are in place, the goal is to bring them together into a cohesive unit.

Read on to discover amazing team building tips that will make your company more productive by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.


  1. Think Outside The Box

Don’t focus on traditional methods of working with a team in which there was no interaction at all. The classics are the classics for a reason. You can go with some interesting team building games such as two truths and a lie and activities like lining up in birthday order are quick and easy. Try to make changes in your activity or always go with a unique one so that team also takes interest.

You want a team building exercise that will truly engage your team. Create a unique and interesting experience, and the effects will last much longer. Appreciation plays a very important role to build trust and long term relation with the team. So yes, go with an appreciation trick.


  1. Involve And Engage All Team Members

It’s very important to engage with a team or others as well who are working for you. Some people are social butterflies but others need a little encouragement. Team building means to involve everyone. It’s very important because if one team member withdraws and fails to bond with the others, then the whole team misses out.

As a team leader, you should give everyone opportunities to contribute. It’s important to involve all team members in a way that helps everyone feel included and empowered. If everyone on a team is not adding to the conversation, then your team is not maximising its potential or trying to exclude from task. Because in an ideal team, everyone works together to achieve results. Plus, employees who feel included are much more likely to work well and much less likely to quit.


  1. Allow For Professional Development

Professional development is important because the movers and shakers of the world want to get ahead in their careers, but at the same time work-life balance is also very important. Now employees appreciate on-the-clock professional development because they get paid to learn which will help them in their career.

One third of employees that have left jobs frequently lack career development opportunities as a reason. When you give your employees the tools to grow, their improvement feels like a team project versus a lone effort.


  1. Respect Your Team Members As Individuals

At work if you want your employees to be part of a team, you should have perspectives like: these are individuals with stories of their own.

It’s important to not regard new team members as a person who will perform all the tasks. In many companies interns are treated like they are bodies who will do all the tasks. A robust team environment blossoms when individuals are honoured and respected for their unique gifts and their ability to contribute toward your common goal.


  1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

As humans, we all love to know where we stand. Are my colleagues happy with the work I’m doing? Do I need to improve on something? As a team leader, assume that people want to know. If the team member is unhappy but isn’t saying anything, that can lead to build up stress and even resentment, which will result in poor performance which can result in client or company loss.

Or it is very common in companies in which team members think they’re doing a great job but you as a boss aren’t satisfied. So it is important to brush up on those communication skills; effective communication can keep working relationships strong for decades, while silence can break things apart very quickly.



These helpful tips will help you to build a solid foundation for your team bonding process.  Follow these tips and tricks provided by Alok Koshti who is working with a large team amazingly and growing day by day.

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